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Finding The Right Lawyer To Handle Your Case

A good lawyer is one, who will always find the right means to win the case for their client without resorting to cheap tactics. If you are looking forward to justice in the court of law, then the first thing which you need to do is, find a very good lawyer who has a reputation of winning cases. These lawyers work very hard to find out loopholes in the case, so as to get their clients justice. Many firms which deal with criminal law have a number of competent people working under them, so you will definitely find someone who can very easily handle your case.

Types of crime

Murder and manslaughter

This kind of case requires a lot of paperwork and needs scientific evidence. Murder cases are the first ones to become viral in the media, so one must choose the right lawyer who can handle all the limelight alongside taking the case of a positive direction. Such cases are prolonged as they involve forensics, medical evidences, expert opinions, etc, which is why it takes a lot of time to assess, resolve and negotiate such issues. Murder is a serious crime and calls for grave penalty. Anything ranging between life imprisonment and death penalty can be given depending on the act of crime. It is the duty of the criminal law in Adelaide to analyze the situation properly and move ahead step by step. Depending upon whether the manslaughter was voluntary or involuntary, the verdict is decided.

Drug offenses

Such crimes have become very common these days, as drug abuse is growing faster and faster. There are a number of criminal law firms with many experienced lawyers working under them, who have a good record with such cases. A person is subject to prosecution if a person happens to possess drugs which are much more than the allowed quantity. Drug trafficking is a common offense and can call for the following penalties:

  • 2 years imprisonment for basic offenses
  • Monetary fine and imprisonment for the possession of controlled drugs
  • At least 10 years of imprisonment for drug trafficking
  • And more than 10 years of imprisonment for those who manufacture controlled drugs without a license.

Sexual offenses

Again, this type of crime has very common in the modern society. Some of them are:

  • Child sexual assault
  • Child pornography
  • Unlawful intercourse
  • Bestiality, etc.

Governments of most countries are giving harsh punishments for such illicit activities as they believe that higher punishment would dissuade people from enacting such heinous crimes. The penalty can range anywhere between imprisonment for 7 years to life imprisonments. A good lawyer will ensure that the perpetrator gets the maximum punishment for such offenses, so that the criminal stays behind bars for as long as possible.